Raclette grills

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Energy: Charcoal


This appliance allows to prepare three braserades and three raclettes at the same time!

The three cages which contain the charcoal are independent, it is therefore not obliged to light the three ovens.

You can vary the pleasures by taking for example three different cheeses, like a good smoke raclette, a pepper raclette, and a morbier.

Perfect for large families and professionals!

Device ignition:

The Three cages which contains the charcoal are removable, and allow an ignition on your gas stove.

It's also possible to light them outside, with a barbecue fire (preferably natural) or a torch.


  • Board: 63 x 43 cm
  • Brazier: 60 x 40 cm
  • height with the board: 34 cm

weight kg 


His product is completely made in our workshop, and guaranteed a year.

Materials: steel and wood

For catering professionals:

It's advisable to contact us before you place your order, to check if your restaurant is compatible with the use of this product.

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