Large reblochon oven

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People number: 8  /  10  people

Energy: Charcoal

Sold without stove


The reblochon oven is the perfect device to share a reblochonnade, a raclette, a braserade, and many over specialities.

To be placed inside or outside in the middle of your table, each diners are invited  to choose the browned of its cheese or the cooking of its meat, conviviality assured!

The rear face and the front face are the same (watch the video below).


IMG_3724 Recipes ideas :

La Raclette

La Tartiflette

L'escalope Savoyarde

La Reblochonnade


Device ignition:

The cage which contains the charcoal inside the cooking appliance is detachable, and allows an ignition on your gas stove.

It's also possible to light the brasero outside, with a barbecue fire (preferably natural) or a torch.

Video explication



  • Board: 50 x 26 cm
  • Brazier: 40 x 20 cm
  • height with the board: 23 cm

weight: 11 kg 


His product is completely made in our workshop, and guaranteed a year.

Materials: steel and wood

For catering professionals:

It's advisable to contact us before you place your order, to check if your restaurant is compatible with the use of this product.


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