Gallows blazed meat

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Delivery weight: 9.5 kg

People number: Until 5 people

Energy: Oven and fire


The gallows is a meat savoyarde speciality.

The meat cooked on the block of 36 peaks, which it's beforehand necessary to heat in the oven.

Then the meat is blazed with whisky, cognac, or another alcohol of your choice.

There are circles on the board to put some sauces and the rice, the juice of the meat fall in the rice, and perfumes it.

Pleasure and originality for sure!

IMG_3724 RecipeLa Potence


Praticity: There is a ring on the top of the gallows, and a handle on the board, to carry it.

Device ignition:

Put the block with 36 peaks in the oven at 300 degrees during 2 hours, or 45 minutes in the ember of a barbecue, or of a fireplace.


  • Board: 50 x 26 cm
  • Block: 4 x 4 cm
  • height with the board: 53 cm

weight:   9 kg


His product is completely made in our workshop, and guaranteed a year.

Materials: steel and wood

For catering professionals:

It's advisable to contact us before you place your order, to check if your restaurant is compatible with the use of this product.

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